‘StopTheWaste.us’ Group Forms to Raise Awareness to ongoing Corruption and waste in Los Angeles; Holds Demonstration Raising Awareness to Backroom Deals at LADWP/ City of Los Angeles

The nonprofit group aims to eliminate the prevalence of corruption, backroom deals, and waste of the public’s funds by the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles—StopTheWaste.us, a nonprofit group, holds its inaugural event on Thursday, June 16th, 2022, to protest the increasing challenge of corruption in local Los Angeles government institutions. The event is a demonstration involving several dozen protesters raising awareness to what they contend are unscrupulous backroom deals made by LA politicians, well-connected attorneys, and others. These decisions, they say, have cost, and will cost, if not stopped, ratepayers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (“DWP”) millions of dollars in waste and increased rates.

Many details of the concerns expressed by StopTheWaste.us are raised in a recent federal lawsuit filed by attorney Michael J. Libman in federal court in the Central District of California. The lawsuit alleges troubling conspiracies, coverups, and coverups of coverups on the part of LA public officials, high-flying lawyers, white-shoe law firms, and even a judge.

Some of the more striking allegations raised in the complaint include:

-Allegations that well-connected LA lawyer Brian S. Kabateck, Judge Elihu M. Berle, and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer concealed significant conflicts of interest that raise questions about their true motivation in handling ratepayer settlements that require all three to be unburdened by concealed conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof. Mr. Kabateck is a well-known big-ticket donor to City Attorney Feuer and a longtime friend of Judge Berle, and former co-counsel of his opposing counsel Mr. Eric George.

-Allegations that documents allegedly from Mr. Libman were in fact from unknown person(s) but attributed to Mr. Libman, among other “evidence” manufactured against Mr. Libman. Mr. Libman contends these were part of a clandestine conspiracy to force him to falsely implicate others, and himself. Mr. Libman refused to go along with their overtures and intimidation and maintains they sought, and seek, retribution and retaliation as a result of him not “playing ball” and exposing them instead.

-Allegations and photographic evidence of FBI agents executing a search warrant at Mr. Libman’s residence under false pretenses and in fact violating the limitations of the warrant, and the US Constitution when the FBI smashed Mr. Libman’s security cameras and pointed a weapon at his young sleeping child—all under trumped up insinuations and allegations to intimidate.

-The purpose of this conspiracy, of which Mr. Libman is a victim, was for high powered lawyers, including Brian Kabateck, to “justify” high attorney fees ultimately paid by the taxpayers/ratepayers under the pretense that their services were “adding value” when in fact these attorneys may have cost taxpayers nearly a billion dollars in unrealized settlements, in addition to millions of dollars in legal fees being requested already.

The complaint can be found at www.StopTheWaste.us.

The case number is CASE NO. 2:21-CV-09455-FMO(MAAx).

Michael J. Libman, President of Stop the Waste
[email protected]